Halitosis and fatness

You know you’re having a bad commute when a heavy set woman is standing next to you and doesn’t have the strength to support herself. By the way, she’s holding onto the overhead bar with both hands! As a result, she falls on you while you’re holding onto the overhead bar with one hand supporting yourself and barely able to keep yourself from collapsing when she knocks into you.

At first she boards the train and stands perpendicular with her back to me. I’m standing parallel with the length of the train reading the NYTimes on my iPhone. She’s got a huge ass and a head wrap that is also intrusive. What annoys me is she stands next to me as if I’m not there. The train is crowded but not packed.

Before that, a shorter lady had major halitosis! I mean, it was sickening how awful it smelled. Sometimes, I find that some women have worse breath than men. Some of these women’s breath are just vile. I don’t know how to describe other than when you’re hit with it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The worse thing is that it lingers until you clean your nose and rinse your mouth. It’s the worse when you accidentally breathe in someone’s noxious breath.

Luckily, the lady with the putrid breath sat down when a seat became available. I eventually sat down when a seat became available so I’m not being bumped into by this largess woman who doesn’t understand how to hold on or stand next to people.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

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