Me so pretty…!

Sitting on the F train, an Asian lady decides to park her fancy ass next to me. She’s not young but she’s not old. She’s dolled up. Her haurs us literally done up – volumized but it looks frizzy. She’s carrying a bag of cosmetics from shisedo. Her finger nails are glittered up. She admires them. Her fingers are not elegant. They’re kinda chubby in fact. They look like they will get chubbier along with the rest of herself. She keeps moving towards me trying to look at herself in the reflection in the window opposite me. Seriously!? I’m looking at her as she moves closer and closer to my face. She don’t care. What an obnoxious bitch move. She wants to see how pretty she is. Who is she trying to attract on the F train? I hope she gets off at Roosevelt-Continental Avenue.

Nope..! She’s still sitting next to me. And she right up next to me too. Good thing I am wearing long sleeves today despite the heat.

She again tilted her big hair head to look in the reflection and this time she noticed me looking at her. She sat up and inched away for me.

Get a mirror, lady… Sheesh!


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, July 15, 2013.

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