I am surrounded by apes

I’m on the train heading home and two women sit on neither side of me. They’re both doing that picking through their hair finding little bits or pulling hair out or whatever it is you see women do, or perhaps you are also guilty if this behavior.

One of the women is Asian. She has long hair. She’s been combing her hair with her fingers since she got on. She even plucked out a hair and put in her mouth as if to taste her hair. Or maybe she likes to play with her strand of hair in her mouth.

The other woman has her hair tied up in a bun of sorts and she keeps picking at her hair hoping to find some goodies while reading her book. The way she keeps digging around you’d think she’d eventually pull out pieces of brain.

The Asian woman put her hair in a ponytail ambit keeps digging around her scalp for something. Perhaps a tasty treat?

I don’t understand why these women are so compelled to feel around their scalp or run their fingers through their hair and scraping up dead skin cells into their finger nails while riding public transportation. I get that riding the train or bus is dull so being a book or play with your cracked screen iPhone.

Both just can’t seems to keep their hands from their heads. What are they hoping to find? What are they afraid they will lose? Their heads? Their thoughts? Their brains? A tasty snack to wile away the time until their destination?

Whenever these women who end up sitting next to me pick their hair and scalp, I can’t help but think I’m witnessing apes who groom themselves and eat whatever it is they find. You know what I’m taking about. We’ve all seen these animal documentary shows on apes and monkeys.

It’s obvious that these women are clueless that what they are doing and leaving behind is disgusting to those they are sitting around. You might as well start licking your nose, rolling up the booger between your fingers and eat it, or flick it, or wipe it on the seat.

And the fucked up thing about all this is that these are pretty women. They’re well dressed and seem like they have some decency. It just goes to show you that pretty women are just as every bit disgusting and ill mannered as anybody else.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

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