Rude with an overbite

On the train in the evening. It’s not a crowded train but most seats are taken. I’m playing a game on my mobile device. There’s an empty seat next to me with a large pear shaped black man sitting at the other end. From the corner of my eyes I see this young black man make a beeline towards me and down next to me. 
He peers down on my mobile device and is looking at the game I’m playing. I turn it away. He looks elsewhere. I return to the game and again he looks down. I stop playing and turned to look at him look down on the screen of my mobile device. He’s got mini twists in his hair. His got a bad overbite and a bulbous nose. Not particularly attractive. When he laughs to himself he just looks like someone who’s dim. 
There were a few back and forth but essentially I stopped and just watch him behave stupidly in the reflection of the window across from me. He starts chuckling and babbling to himself as some of these mindless urban youths tend to do when they know they are being rude and annoying to others for no reason other than to entertain themselves. 
He pretended to talk to the the pear shaped black man but really he’s talking to himself. The train makes a sudden stop and the twisted hair baboon leans into me so I push him off and he says with a knowing smirk, “Chillll…”
I wanted to punch in the overbite at that moment. Instead, I said to him, “Why don’t you chill. You know what you’re doing. What is the matter with you!? Are you high or something!?” 
He acts sheepishly and chuckles to himself. He can’t even focus his eyes. He continues to babble to himself saying ignorant things. Eventually my stop arrived and I get off with other people including the doofus. I don’t know where he went but certainly not anywhere near me. 

~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, September 25, 2015.

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