Your music sucks!

It’s been a while since I posted a story from my daily commute. To be honest, there have been little incidents worth wiring about until this evening.

I’m on the E train at WTC heading uptown and an Indian or Pakistani man gets on the same car as me and sits at the head end of the car. He proceeds to eat what looks like a cold soft pretzel and playing his music from his handheld mobile device.

As you may be aware, music not plugged in with earphones do not sound pleasant to anybody and this fucking douche plays his crappy music which comes out static-y and incoherent.

People who play their music directly from their handheld mobile devices are inconsiderate and clearly deaf. How does anyone enjoy music blasting at high volume from your mobile phone?! People like this should have their phones taken away from them and destroy the speakers.

When did it become acceptable to for people to blast music from the speakers of their mobile phone? It’s not cool! It’s the opposite of cool. It’s lane. Really lame, and says you’re too cheap to buy earplugs. Or that you were too retarded to keep tabs of your earplugs and lost them.

Dude, invest in some earplugs!


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, August 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Your music sucks!”

  1. it’s not cool, and it sounds like garbage through the speakers.

  2. Actually, unless one uses headphones that cover the ears, all music (or whatever is actually playing on the unit) sounds like cat-scratch-fever to me as it escapes from the ear buds. I use over-the-ear headphones so that my music doesn’t bother anyone. And if you look at the legal notice stickers, one of the restrictions is no radio playing (as in the days of boom boxes, which even if you weren’t a fan of the style of music, at least let you hear the music). So, next time you see someone playing ‘music’ directly from their mp3 or smartphone, call the cops and have him get a summons.

  3. I agree that these loud music players should be reported but it is so rare for a police officer to be on board the train when this happens. And actually I’ve sat next to people who have earphones that cover their ears and they don’t always keep the sound from leaking. Thanks for your comment.

  4. It is most of the times stinky Pakistanis who do such shit on trains.

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