Commuter Tips

Here are some tips for the everyday commuter so we can all have a pleasant ride.

  1. When a train pulls up and you notice that the other cars are full of people and there is one train that hardly has any passengers or no passengers; there are two reasons why that is. In winter, it means there is a homeless man or homeless men in that car and it smells of shit and stale urine mixed with some booze. In the summer, it means the air conditioning is not working and/or there is a homeless man in the car.
  2. Not that the trains are ever clean, I do not recommend taking the seats at the head and end of any train car because that is where most homeless people sleep. Or the inside seat of a two seater that is perpendicular to the window. There’s always trash and the window usually has oil residue of someone’s forehead and/or hair when they fall asleep on the train.
  3. I do not recommend sitting with your back to someone else. You never know about the other person’s hair hygiene.
  4. It’s best to avoid sitting in the seat next to any of the doors. There’s always going to be some asshole who will stand too close to you or worse, their ass is facing the side of your head.
  5. Not a good idea to sit in front of the map unless you don’t mind someone getting up close and personal with you trying to figure out where they are going.
  6. I do not recommend that you take the first seat of the three seat bench opposite the driver. That first seat invites anybody who gets on the bus to step on your feet. I don’t know what it is with people who get on the bus; they just don’t pay attention that someone is sitting in the first seat and that they have feet. That seat is cursed.

2 Responses to “Commuter Tips”

  1. Your signs are so inadequate that every time I step onto a platform someone asks me for directions. It’s really bad at the Pavonia/Newport station. Some Path Manager should walk his grandmother around and ask her if she understands the signs. Only one end of the platform tells you the trains go to Hoboken. If you just came down the stairs nearby, you wouldn’t see the sign. Why should I be helping all these lost people?

  2. Perhaps you should direct this comment to the authorities at PATH. I agree that the signage at some of the PATH stations (I haven’t been to all the stations so I can’t comment on them all) are not clear but if you know and if you can help, you should. If you can’t, don’t.

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