The ignorant republican and libertarian

Tonight was a hilarious bus ride with two guys standing beside me mouthing off about politics – one being a republican (white) and the other being a libertarian (Asian). Both guys are college students – I know because they each eventually got off at stops that are popular among the student body of this particular university. 

It started off with them and they’re bros trying to insert themselves into line behind me and in front of these two black foreign men. The foreign men were talking to each other and did notice these white guys insert themselves in front of them in line. Most people would not call them out on it but what they did was wrong and rude so I said something. 

I told them there was a line, those guys were standing behind me (pointing to the foreign black guys), and he and his buds were not standing in front of them. This caught one of the college bros off guard because like I said most people would not bother to speak up. In fact, he did not understand why anybody would speak out about it let alone the fact that I did. He didn’t think it was a big deal to insert themselves into the line. I responded that it’s rude. Then he claimed that he didn’t know there was a line as he and his bros went to the back of the line. I told him he was being ignorant. And then the bros erupted with commotion and somebody said, “You didn’t have to say all that.” 

Say all what, was what I thought, by having said he was ignorant? 

I took a single seat behind someone on the bus and typical male behavior after he’s been insulted, stands beside me – trying to intimidate me or something? Meanwhile the rest of his bros were at the back of the bus wondering why he was not sitting with them. He was kinda hovering only because he was hanging from the overhead metal grab bar. He is not tall and was holding onto the lower grab bar. And his Asian bro with very narrow eyes and thick black framed glasses stood next to him for emotional support. I wondered how he could see out of such narrow eyes. They’re so narrow they almost appear shut. I also couldn’t help notice he had twigs for legs. 
So the short republican who is also drunk and reeks of having drank too much just says how he disliked liberals. The Asian bro who added “bro” to the end of his sentences and said how he’s a libertarian, disliked liberals and doesn’t understand why people don’t mind their business. I think they were being passive-aggressive and it was amusing to witness these two college idiots blathering about things they were clueless about. 

The white republican was behaving in a very typical fashion as a white male who thinks he is entitled to do whatever he likes without any regard for other people especially minorities. And doesn’t like it when he is called out for his rude actions by someone who is not white and a republican like him. The Asian libertarian was a contradiction. If he’s all about minding one own’s business he certainly wasn’t doing that by standing with his friend and expressing loudly how they disliked liberals and Hilary Clinton – as though it was supposed to intimidate me? I, too, do not like HC and I am not a liberal. 

~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

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