Bottom heavy potato chip stuffing black woman

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I was seated between a bottom heavy black woman and an ugly man. Black woman was stuffing her face with potato chips for breakfast. Somebody farted. I don’t know who at first but I suspect the potato chip eating bottom heavy black woman. The idea that it is her seems more plausible especially when she was stuffing her face with potato chip in the morning. Also, it seemed like every time she moved, some farts wafted over to me…. 

Blatant litter bug 

•Monday, May 4, 2015 • Leave a Comment

So as I was reading the recent NYC MTA campaign ads for “Courtesy Counts”, this Indi-Paki man sitting across from me blantantly tosses his copy of the free newspaper underneath his seat. It’s unbelievable that he didn’t give it a thought to perhaps hold onto the newspaper and dispose of it in the trash bins when he gets off the train. He just chucked it underneath his seat like a bad habit. 

It baffles me that people still litter the trains and buses as though it is an acceptable thing. We all share in this public transportation system. Why be a selfish jerk and ruin the commute for everybody else with dirty habits. It’s disrespectful of the system and to everyone else who pays and rides. 


Pushy Asian bitch

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It’s been a while since I’ve encountered issues with another commuter. This morning’s commute started with me on the bus sitting in the first seat of the three seated bench next to the door. My gym bag laid across my lap. I was playing on my mobile device. There was another person sitting at the end of the three seated bench. At another stop, an Asian young woman gets on the bus, sits down next to me, and nudges my bag over. She had some audacity, I thought. So I moved my gym bag back. And she pushed it again. And I moved it back. This occurred in and off for the duration of the commute and in the middle of that she was beginning to lean into me so I adjusted myself so she can be off me but then she starts this nudging thing with me. I don’t know what her problem was this morning before she got on the bus. She’s a student, backpack and dresses like a student, with her hair up in a messy too bun. I’ve seen her previous times on the same bus but she never sat next to me.

As we get towards the ending the route, she pushes my bag once more and I pushed back and told her to stop pushing my bag. She fired back saying that she pushed the bag because I pushed the bag on her. The bag isn’t on her I told her looking at my bag not being on her. She claims it’s not on her because she pushed it off. We ended our dispute telling each other that the other needed to stop.

I’ve never had an issue with my gym bag sitting across my lap. I’ve commuted it with the bag on my lap on crowded trains and never an issue. And thus included sitting in between two people as opposed being the the person who has already established a seat and other people sit down next to you, which is what happened with this pushy Asian


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I don’t know what it is about me but people like to sit next to me. The train can be empty with plenty of open seats and there’s always somebody who will just plop down next to me.

Here I am on a relatively sparse train heading home after rush hour. Plenty of seats to go around and yet, I have people sitting on either side of me. One person, a middle aged woman is sitting a little too close to as opposed to sitting center between me and the man on her other side. I don’t like the fact she’s sitting closer to me.

Then an Indian guy sits down next to a after surveying the open seats of the train. It’s un-fucking-believable. At least he’s got some space away from me because he could have easily just sat right up next to me.

I’m a magnet for people for reasons I don’t understand.

It’s times like these that I would to be able to fart a big stinky one.

Bag in empty seat

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Indian woman and her teenage daughter on the rush train. Her shoulder bag is taking up a seat next to the door and the bag is open. That is just ripe for the snatching. It’s one thing if she was putting it in the empty chair because she was juggling something but she wasn’t.

A woman just boarded and asked her to move her bag so she could sit down. It’s amazing how the woman had to ask to have the bag removed after having walked up to the seat.

The Indian woman clearly lacked common sense and common courtesy.

Ms. Frumpy

•Thursday, July 17, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Asian lady plops down next to me on the bus with no regard for the fact there are plenty of seats. I mean, can she not feel that she’s basically sitting on me?! And when the bus comes to a stop, she has not self control of keeping herself from pressing up against me. She eventually moved her frumpy ass elsewhere when a 3 seated bench freed up.


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