Me so pretty…too!

Ugh! There must be something in this heat and stench that are making women rub me the wrong way today. Shortly after publishing the last post, this stupid blonde bitch tries to cut the line for the bus. She tries to casually slip next to and in front of me. I wasn’t having it.

Get to the back like everybody-f*cking-else!

I move in front of her. She can try to pull a fast one on the person behind me if they will let you.

This woman has long blonde hair – bleached. She’s not young and she’s not old though her face does look aged. She’s dressed in a green strapless jersey dress – very summery.

The person behind me doesn’t let her cut in front of her either but the Hispanic guy behind her lets her cut in front of him. And of course, she plops her aged ass down to next to me. At least she’s not right up next to me.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, July 15, 2013.

One Response to “Me so pretty…too!”

  1. you gotta love the old bag on seat trick, I also love the i’m asleep therefore will not move over so you can sit down trick.

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