It’s not always a sick passenger

So I’m finally heading home after being held in between stations and then held at the station itself when over the PA system, the conductor announces that the train is being held due to a sick passenger. The conductor advices that people take the trains on the local track. I decided to go see who this sick passenger is. I was at the head of the train walking towards the other end looking for the car with the sick passenger. I’m beginning to doubt that there is a sick passenger as I pass each car with no sign of someone passed out or hunched over or surrounded by concerned passengers. And then I saw the conductor walked hurriedly by followed by transit cops. They rushed to the end of the car and towards a passenger that was standing in the corner. A Hispanic man. He didn’t look sick. I couldn’t really see what was going on and nobody was talking about what had happened when they exited the car. The transit cops tried to escort the guy off but he resisted. The TC tried to lead him off and reluctantly got off the train. He clearly looked inebriated. His eyes had that glazed over look of not quite being aware what was happening. I’m sure in his mind’s eye everything was either happening in slow-mo or a blur with distorted voices. All the passengers were staring at him of course. Some even captured the incident on their cell phones. The authorities (people in transit uniforms, and lady in a pants suit each with walkie-talkies) cordoned off the car. I suspect the drunk man urinated in public. I didn’t see barf and I didn’t see pee but I do think it has to be pee. They were kinda circling around where the man was standing in the corner of the car and not wanting to step within where the man was standing. 
This incident confirms my suspicions that when there is a delay, the reason isn’t always what they announce over the PA system. The guy wasn’t technically sick. 
Once they got the drunk Hispanic off the train car, the train returned to service and everyone is on their way to their destination. 


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

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