who is “the daily commuter”?

I’m the person who you sit next to, or stand beside on the train or bus. I’m the person who has been sat on by someone with a fat ass! I’m the person who has offered my seat to the elderly, disabled, and women who are pregnant. I’m the person who you are oblivious to when standing on a crowded bus or train. I’m the person who can hear your loud crappy music blasting from your earbuds. I’m the person who doesn’t want to hear your lame ass mobile conversation about your stupid ass life. I’m the person who can smell your rotten breath.

Real stories from a real New Yorker. I’m not one of those transplants who moved to this great city, lived here for 5 years and calling themselves a New Yorker. No – I was born and raised here. I’ve been commuting on public mass transit since I was in diapers. I’m the daily commuter.

I commute almost everyday on the NYC MTA buses for about 30 minutes followed by another 45 minutes on MTA subway to work and backwards on my way home. My daily commute averages about an hour and half; on a good day.

On any given commute, something is bound to happen to me on these trips. Some fat cow ends up sitting on me because there is space between me and the person next to me. Or, some disgusting pig may find the urge to show me his said little penis or get really excited and decide to just jerk off. Any number of these things can happen and has happened, and I want to share them with you in the hopes of reaching out to others like myself and letting them know, you’re not alone. Feel free to add your experience and thoughts to my posts.

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