Either get out of the way or stop talking on the phone

This morning during rush hour, a woman was yapping away on her cell phone in the middle of the stairs going down to the subway.

This particular train station is a transit hub in that its the start and end of a popular bus line. You’ve got a flood of people either exiting or entering the train station. Standing in the middle of the stairs of this train station while on your cell phone is inconsiderate to people who are trying to get to work in the morning.

If you must talk to the person on the other end of the mobile phone then pull off to the side away from the stairs and finish your conversation. It’s just that simple. You’re not in the way of people and you won’t get bumped as people are rushing pass you.

Often times people who are on their mobile phones are so absorbed in their little world that they forget that there are people around them, and sometimes it’s not so easy to get around the cellular phone offender. Sometimes they even wander into people’s way when the other person is trying to avoid them.

~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, September 13, 2013.

One Response to “Either get out of the way or stop talking on the phone”

  1. I’ll definitely say some of these SNAFU’s come from plain rudeness. I also think there’s an ignorance of public transportation “culture,” especially for new riders. Are there any “workshops” that cover this kind of stuff, or is it sink-or-swim when it comes to public transportation?

    Do you even think it would even help?

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