MTA messing with Manhattan bound passengers

Here’s another example of MTA failing passengers. After New Year’s Day passed, MTA has resumed construction work on the weekend causing trains that normally run on the express line be rerouted onto the local lines. Fine. I can deal with that. 
Yesterday (Saturday), the trains were running on normal tracks – pleasant surprise. Today when get on the F train, it is running local. Not happy about it but whatever. It turned out that it was running local because of signal issues. Of course this isn’t announce until we approach Jackson Heights. On top of that, the F train is rerouted into the G line. All passengers who want to get into Manhattan would need to get off at Jackson Heights and take the E or R trains. As the F train pulls in, there is an E train on the express line. The doors are open as we slowly pull into the station but then the E trains closes its doors and pulls out knowing that the F train was going to be rerouted and passengers would need to catch a different train.

Another F train pulls into Jackson Heights on the express track but it turns out all F trains are being rerouted on the G line. This was announced after people sat down. In the meantime an R train pulls into the station and once that announcement was made, all who didn’t want to go to Brooklyn got up and rushed to get the R train.

It’s so ridiculous that the E train couldn’t have waited a minute to allow passengers heading into Manhattan to make the connection. Instead, they leave – most likely instructed to do so and in turn fucking over the passengers for having to wait for the next train which turned out that it too wasn’t going to Manhattan and then having the passengers rush in a panic to catch a waiting train.

Thanks for the nothing, MTA. 

~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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