Pushy Asian bitch

It’s been a while since I’ve encountered issues with another commuter. This morning’s commute started with me on the bus sitting in the first seat of the three seated bench next to the door. My gym bag laid across my lap. I was playing on my mobile device. There was another person sitting at the end of the three seated bench. At another stop, an Asian young woman gets on the bus, sits down next to me, and nudges my bag over. She had some audacity, I thought. So I moved my gym bag back. And she pushed it again. And I moved it back. This occurred in and off for the duration of the commute and in the middle of that she was beginning to lean into me so I adjusted myself so she can be off me but then she starts this nudging thing with me. I don’t know what her problem was this morning before she got on the bus. She’s a student, backpack and dresses like a student, with her hair up in a messy too bun. I’ve seen her previous times on the same bus but she never sat next to me.

As we get towards the ending the route, she pushes my bag once more and I pushed back and told her to stop pushing my bag. She fired back saying that she pushed the bag because I pushed the bag on her. The bag isn’t on her I told her looking at my bag not being on her. She claims it’s not on her because she pushed it off. We ended our dispute telling each other that the other needed to stop.

I’ve never had an issue with my gym bag sitting across my lap. I’ve commuted it with the bag on my lap on crowded trains and never an issue. And thus included sitting in between two people as opposed being the the person who has already established a seat and other people sit down next to you, which is what happened with this pushy Asian


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

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