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I don’t know what it is about me but people like to sit next to me. The train can be empty with plenty of open seats and there’s always somebody who will just plop down next to me.

Here I am on a relatively sparse train heading home after rush hour. Plenty of seats to go around and yet, I have people sitting on either side of me. One person, a middle aged woman is sitting a little too close to as opposed to sitting center between me and the man on her other side. I don’t like the fact she’s sitting closer to me.

Then an Indian guy sits down next to a after surveying the open seats of the train. It’s un-fucking-believable. At least he’s got some space away from me because he could have easily just sat right up next to me.

I’m a magnet for people for reasons I don’t understand.

It’s times like these that I would to be able to fart a big stinky one.

Bag in empty seat

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Indian woman and her teenage daughter on the rush train. Her shoulder bag is taking up a seat next to the door and the bag is open. That is just ripe for the snatching. It’s one thing if she was putting it in the empty chair because she was juggling something but she wasn’t.

A woman just boarded and asked her to move her bag so she could sit down. It’s amazing how the woman had to ask to have the bag removed after having walked up to the seat.

The Indian woman clearly lacked common sense and common courtesy.

Ms. Frumpy

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Asian lady plops down next to me on the bus with no regard for the fact there are plenty of seats. I mean, can she not feel that she’s basically sitting on me?! And when the bus comes to a stop, she has not self control of keeping herself from pressing up against me. She eventually moved her frumpy ass elsewhere when a 3 seated bench freed up.

Middle Seat

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I just don’t get the thinking of some people who get on the train and insist on sitting down in the first seat they see instead of gauging if they can even fit in the seat.

This white guy took a seat in the middle between me and a black gentleman. Even though he was able to sit into the seat, he wasn’t able to lean back because his shoulders would have been smashed up against me and the black gentleman. He sat leaning slightly forward and shoulders scrunched as though he was shoulder to shoulder with us. He eventually got up and stood for a little bit before sitting down elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a pungent Indian man took a seat in between me and the black gentleman. The Indian man did not sit with his back to the seat. Instead, he is sitting 3/4 and leaning forward. It bothers me that he smells. I suppose it could be worse. It could be a really hot day and no A/C on the train.

Nasty Indian feet

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Here we have an Indian guy riding train after a long day of work. He removes his sandals to reveal nasty ashy toes. He rubs them with his hands and then proceeds to rub his face and head. Ugh! He crosses his leg with his foot encroaching into the adjacent passenger’s personal space. The passenger is a woman and she is grossed out by his feet. She eventually moves to another seat at Roosevelt-Continental. Surprisingly, the Indian man did not get off.





Homeless man with no shoes

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There’s a homeless man with some busted up feet riding the morning commute F train. He woke me from my nap with his incoherent ramblings and cursing. He was complaining about his rotten feet which is covered up with dirty tattered socks. He was pointing to it and creating unnecessary attention to his nasty feet. Strangely, he’s dressed in a light colored suit, a baseball cap, and carrying a small red shopping bag.

I think he eventually intimidated seated passengers because now he’s sitting on the bench with plenty of room around him. I don’t know when he got on the train. Surprisingly, he does not smell especially given the hot weather we’ve been experiencing.

He got off at Rockefeller Center.